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Soli Deo Gloria

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Photo 6 - Digital  Fundamentals

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   Entry-level lab course of two hours lecture and three hours of lab time a week. This is an elective for the photography certificate or degree program.  It covers theories and practices of digital photography both from the shooting  and  software standpoints; technical and creative use of manual camera controls and  accessories. FLower in glass 2
    Topics include: automatic vs. manual shooting modes, camera menus, exposure  control, depth of field, motion control, basic flash, white balance and file formats.   Instruction during lab using Adobe Lightroom software will center on enhancing and improving the student photographs, workflow and creative use of computer controls. Activities include: shooting and sharing photography projects, homework  readings and writings,  Internet research, demonstrations, exams, and discussing a variety of professional photographers images.
      Students must be able to arrange 4 hours of time per week for outside of class work. They should also provide their own manually adjustable digital camera  or use a manual film camera provided by the Photography Department.
      Students should be able to comprehend and paraphrase academic reading materials associated with
success degree applicable courses.