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Photo 45 - Advanced Projects

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Spring 2019 - Section # - 67202 - By appointment

       Advanced Projects is a 3-unit class that allows you to stretch your creativePhoto86 muscles in such a way that you have practically complete freedom over the content and process of your work. This has it’s positive and negatives sides.
As your advisor I will give you as much rope as you need to either swing into something great, or hang yourself trying….. The results are up to you!!!
        Projects can be tailored to the discipline of photography the student wishes to pursue such as Editorial, Digital, Commercial, Fine Art or a combination of all four. The student submits a proposal, (check out this link showing an example of what a Photo 45 proposal should look like) refines it in consultation with your instructor and then sets out to accomplish the project with appropriate deadlines and periodic meetings throughout the semester. It is a lot of work but worth it!
         What this class is not is portfolio building. Do not submit a proposal that says you want of make a portfolio....we have a course for that!!!!!
         Check out the PDF file under syllabus and see if you want to take a ride with us. Below there are two Syllabi  for two seperate sections but they are the same.   Questions, contact - info@thomhalls.com.      

Syllabus & Calendar

Photo 45 Syllabus Spring 19

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