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Soli Deo Gloria

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The Seasons of Fatherhood

Weekly Reflections on being a Father - based on Exodus 34:7 - Genesis_43:11- Genesis_5:3  - Luke_6:41  - Gen_48:6   -
       Being and intercessor for our children is a big job. When they are young we stand in harms way, protecting and guiding, correction and changing the path is easier, though still a challenge.  When the child grows the intercessory role must grow as well. Where the father becomes a guide and example, and not just someone who forces strict rules upon them.  To do the latter is to invite rebellion.

 Portrait of me small      When the child becomes an adult, the role of intercessor must continue, but truly the spiritual nature of it comes into clearer focus. For they now are the intercessor for their children, and you, the grandfather, are the intercessor for them.  This chain reaction of faithful standing not only beside, but in front of any and all spiritual challenges is the nature of intercession.

       We live under the Fathers blessing. And he calls us fathers to supply our children with the same blessing, one of nurture, faith, and inheritance that will bring love and grace to every family member and to the generations to come.

God binds us as a gracious inheritance through our worship, obedience and witness to his miraculous mercy.
Guilt eats at the debtor, but a righteous man will still treat him with compassion.
Comfort in the Lord to generations comes though a believing heritage.
Judging others only denies us Gods rich blessing and creates an imbalance in the order of compassion for each other.
The hierarchy of service for the Lord is His will and a mystery to man.

Fresno CityFest - April 1 & 2nd, 2017 - Fresno California