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Soli Deo Gloria

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Photo 57 - Digital Color Theory and Alternative Processes

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      Developing a personal vision by seeing and working with digital media using various media and methods for creating photographic images. Contemporary, non-silver, and digital processes will be used and combined for representational and non-representational images.
      Color Theory and Color Management in the photographic medium and its relationship to alternative media. Field trips as required. May be used as an elective for the Fine Art, Digital or Commercial Photography Degree or Certificate.

       Students will explore Digital Cyanotype on matte paper Digital Split Toning Digital collage creation and concept Creating a digital positive on clear substrate Digital printing on Metallic Paper Emulsion transfer to Fine Art Rag Paper Emulsion transfer to metal Digital printing on Canvas Digital Selective colorizing Emulsion transfer to acrylic Over printing acrylic painted paper Large format printing on fine art paper with hand embellishments Acrylic Gel Transfer Photographic Encaustic Digital printing on fine art colored papers