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NNext Exhibition - ‘California Nature’ - Hanna S. Barsam Invitational
Opening January 26th - Fresno Art Museum

Using the Visual Narrative to inform, enlighten & enjoy this journey called life!

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On Going project

Solidatray float, Rural Fresno County Kings River 2012

“river of the holy kings”

The Harbor


Captian study 2 sig

    They come to the sea for a variety of reasons.  Some to escape, others just for the solitude. They are a representation of us all, wanting to find a place that is safe.

Carlos Gamez 3

   Read about the work of Hope Now for Youth and the remarkable stories of  deliverance  from a life of gang violence to redemption and hope through Christ.

New Orleans square
Carolina philodendren study

New Orleans,
Louisiana, 2012

New Orleans, 2012

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