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Photo 5 - Introduction to Photography - Online

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PHOTO-5 Fall 17 - Section #30826 - INTRO TO PHOTO  (Online)

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      OK, so we start Week 2. 
      You had some good discussion and thoughts on the first week’s work. Nice job keep it up.
      This week we will move on two areas.db_Joy of the musician1
1. How to upload and take a quiz in this course, and 2. the History of Photography.
     This week is video heavy so sit back, get some popcorn and learn.
     Be sure to watch Week 2 Intro as it will set the pace for the class.
     There is a quiz to take, a self-portrait you need take and upload to the server along with the quiz.
     Now connecting to the Server can take a couple of tries. Watch the video, and take it slow on the instructions. You MUST download the Firefox browser and the FireFTP add-on to make the connection. Both are free and I give you the website on which to find them.  This is NOT a suggestion but a requirement!!!!
Remember on the server there will be a folder with your name on it. Make sure you place your material in that folder.  If you make a mistake, you cannot ‘undo’ it.  You need to email and let me know of your error.  Make sure your name is on the the material you send in.
      Again, you cannot do this class from your phone - you MUST use a computer to upload.  This will make changing the names of the files easy.  Make sure you do it.
      Lastly, you will see Project 1 is posted with a due date of 9/6 @ 9  pm.  Make sure you read and understand the instructions before you begin.  Ask questions, easiest way to learn.  Remember projects cannot be made up!!!  It is a one time deal.

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