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Photo 5 - Introduction to Photography - Online

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PHOTO-5 Fall 17 - Section #30826   (Online)

Week 18

Instructions on Final Video

Week 18 wrap up transcript

Photo 5 Online Final link
Available Monday 12/11 at 9 am

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Projects and assignments

Week 17

Weekly Documents

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Photo 5 Online Final will be available Monday 12/11 @ 9 a.m.

Virtual tour of the FCC Photography Department

    Only thing left is the final - it will be available to you on Monday 12/11 at 9Yosemite Halfdome am and be due on Wednesday 12/13 @ 9 pm.
     The video at left is the introduction and will show you what is expected - it is pretty simple.
    Again the link to the final will not be activated until Monday @ 9 am - 50 questions, multiple-choice -
Good luck and it has been a pleasure to have you on this journey.  You were a wonderful group!


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