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Photo 5 - Introduction to Photography - Online

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PHOTO-5 Spring 19 - Section #19189 - INTRO TO PHOTO  (Online)

Week 6

Week 6 introduction

Week 6 Introduction Transcript

Weekly Documents

Week 6 roadmap

Week 6 Activity Checklist

Week 6 Discussion post.doc///

Week 6 Shooting Exercise

Video links

Historical Photographers

Masters of Photography website for Photographer’s report

Henri Cartier-Bresson Video for Discussion posts

Projects and assignments

Week 4 Project 2 shadow and light

Week 6 Photographers Report

Week 5

Week 5 Introduction

Intro Week 5 Transcript

Weekly Documents

Week 5 Road map

Week 5 Activity Checklist

Week 5 Discussion post

Camera Obscura

Video links

History Part 1

History Part 2

History  Part 3

George Eastman House video on Daguerreotypes

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      This week you will see that Project 2 is due - Remember you have different instructions about upload  procedures - we are noArroyo erosion longer going  through  Canvas!!!    This means you will be sending your images over the Internet to my secure server.  Find instructions on uploading here
  This new policy starts Monday 2/18.
You will also notice that your Photographer’s Report is assigned - This is a written and Powerpoint PDF report about the photographer of your choice off the list provided on the assignment. (There is a separate link to the site under the Video Links section).
       There is no reading assignment this week, just a discussion post and a shooting exercise.  Make sure you upload the shooting exercise to the Server and not to Canvas.  We will handle them just like the Projects.  If you have problems with the server, then  email me and tell exactly what is happening - Don’t just complain!
       So this will be a rather slow week compared to some of the others.  However I must warn you that Project 3, which you get week after next, the Midterm and the Photographer’s Report will all be due in the same week!!!!   Enjoy the slow time now as it will pick up as we approach Midterm!

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Photo 5 syllabus online
 Spring 2019

Photo 5 Spring 19
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