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Photo 5 - Introduction to Photography - Online

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PHOTO-5 Fall 17 - Section #30826 - INTRO TO PHOTO  (Online)

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      This week we will take a bit of a break from styles and look at something many photographers starting out think they will become....landscape photographers.Door and ladder
       What is it about landscapes that attracts us so quickly when we take up a camera.?  Is it the things we have seen in the past, or is it the escapism we feel as we view someones’ images of great landscapes.
        We will look at not only the method of shooting landscapes, but the tools necessary to make those great pictures.
       Also we will take a short tour of the Photography Dept.  This will show you just what we have to offer.  For the online class you will do this by taking the short virtual tour I have at the top of this page.
       Again we have lots of videos to watch this week, a shooting exercise and a discussion post.  There are also two articles that will help you with your landscape photography. Good Luck.

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