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Photo 12 - Photoshop for Photographers

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Fall 17


Photo 12 calendar Fall 2017

Fall  2017 - Section # - 30744

      I will be returning your Project 2 evals to you during lab on Tuesday.  I hope you have learned that file management is serious business. At db_Courtyard Stockholm2least it can make things easier to find later and, in the case you are trying to sell your images, a valuable resources.
      This week we will get into  color and skin tone correction.  Again Project 3 is a crucial step in that learning curve. Remember I am not asking you to match the corrected files exactly, but I want you to get close.
       We will be discussing  color and correcting color.  Making sure you get it right!   In this, setting white points is an important step.
       We will also revisit the selection process, tools and show you different ways to select an area.  How to refine it and make sure you do not leave trails of your work behind.
        So check out the Photoshop tools diagram at left, and be ready to launch into color and  selection. Remember we will be making global and specific selections on many images so we will be using a variety of tools.   There is still much to cover.

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