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Soli Deo Gloria

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Photo 30 - Editorial Photography

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Term Project



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Photo 30 Syllabus
fall 2016


Check back in Fall 2017

     Photo 30 is a class in visual reportage and the art of story telling through pictures.  While the primaCarlos Gamez 7ry application might be considered newspapers, magazines and traditional media, the class also engages in universal technologies such as video presentations and multimedia.
     Students will not only approach a story from the who, what, where, when, why and how perspective of storytelling, but also the nuances of portraiture, gesture and the ability to utilize the background of a photograph to enhance  impact.
     Students will complete assignments under tight deadlines and learn to work out of their camera bags to solve real world journalistic and photographic issues.  Participants will also generate a term long project portfolio which will be published as individual books at the end of term.  Participants will handle the entire project themselves from content to layout to publishing.
      We have a lot of fun in Photo 30, from the variety of subjects to the unexpected!  Be sure to come along for the ride next Fall