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Photo 47 - Book & Video Publishing - Section 67600

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Photo 47 project 1

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Story ideas and proposal for Photo 47


Photo 47 edit workflow process

Photo 47 Writing Tips

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Photo 47 edit
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Photo 47 Syllabus Fall 2017

Photo 47 lab requirements


Photo 47 Fall Calendar 2017

Server workaround using Waterfox plugin explained

     I’m still waiting on a couple of you to upload your videos or give them to me in a flash drive.  I know we are haiving issues with the server, size of glacier (2)but I’m workign on resolving those.
     I was pleased with where are right now, even though I know you all wish you were further alone. Don’t worry it will all come together. Remember you will either love your book and not like your video or the other way around.  That is normal, and again I have never made, not watch a video that I did not think could be improved.
     Again that is a normal thing.  Do your best, try and tell your story as throroughly and completely as possible and you will be fine. 
     You are a great group, very insightful and working hard to over come adversity. That is part of working a long term project.  Hang in there and those of you who need to get me your work, get it to me ASAP as you can.  Thanks

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