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Fresno City College School of Photography

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For more great examples of FCC Student work go to - FCCPhoto.com

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Former & Current  Student Websites

Daniel Giberson - http://www.gibersonphotography.com
Donovan Conway - http://www.donovanconway.com
Andy Lei
- http://www.theandylei.com
Josh Hires - http.//www.joshhires.com/
Jamie Bell - http://www.jamiebellphotography.com
Sopheap An
- http://shuttersquirrel.com/
David Costa - http://davidcostaphotography.com
John Huewe - http://www.convexphotography.com
Wilson Lee - http://www.wilsonleephotography.com
Arthur Bueno - http://cargocollective.com/buenopower/Portraits
Daniel Topete - http://www.danieltopete.com
Emily Redondo - http://www.Emilyredondo.com
Candice Molowoski - http://www.CapturedbyCandice.com
Deborah Yun - http://www.http://deborahyun.com
Deborah Anderson -

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Photography Click HERE

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 FCC  School of Applied Photography
Fall 2018

   Fresno City College is one of the largest photographic education institutions on the West Coast serving over 1,400 students each year. 
      We offer fourteen courses in photography that lead to an Associate of Science (AS) degree. We also  have five Certificate of Achievement programs in 12-unit blocks for  Digital, Commercial, Editorial, Fine Art Photography and Visual Media which includes web design and video production.
    Three full time instructors and nine adjunct instructors, all working professionals, keep the instruction relevant and practical.  We are part of the Visual Media Technology Department which also includes Graphics
    Our courses range from current digital imaging techniques  to classic black and white, all providing you marketable skills whether a serious student or the advanced novice.
     This semester we will also introduce our 9-week basic drone photography class.
     Later this semester we will be taking applications for the Hanna  S. Barsam Award for Excellence in Photography. This is $1,500 cash award is given to a student in the program who demonstrates excellence and creativity in a prepared portfolio. The award will be given in April of 2019.
    For more information on our department please visit www.fccphoto.com .
         Come join us!