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     As primarily a documentary photographer this section represents the bulk of what I do. I love to show the diversity and vitality of life in a variety of ways and perspectives.  These are past and present stories from the Diablo Canyon Nuclear protests of the 70 and 80’s to the ongoing Kings River Project.  Presented as a historical documentation of what was, what is, and perhaps giving us a window into what our future might be.

Clearing storm 3

The West

     While primarily a documentarian, I’m also drawn to abstracts and fine art of photography.  There is a certain thrill of creation when working a fine art idea that seems absent in storytelling.  Each has its unique place in my heart, but there is just something about a single refined image.  Throughout the West I find an incredible palette of images and people that reflect not only our individuality, but also our dependence on understanding one another and our surrounding environment.



     For many Americans Europe is the ultimate destination.  It is quaint, historic and holds many areas of incredible beauty.
     Over the last several years I have been fortunate to travel to ‘The Continent’ and see many of these areas.  However, my travels are not the normal tourist type, but more like wanderings in the humble places. Some of the images here are iconic, but others are just subtle.  For Europe, like America, there is much to be found away for the major centers.    




In 2016 I held a workshop in Norway, miles above the Artic Circle.For the first week we held the workshop in an area of Norway where only the locals go. The second week we travel to the remote islant of Traena in the NOrweign Sea.   There workshop participates were staff photographers for Traena Music Festival.  (see the gallery on the Storytelling page).

Polite dumping

Off the Beaten Path

     Every photographer has a portion of their work that they really don’t know what to do with. Off The Beaten Path is mine.  These are images that I found funny, stupid or just plain weird reflecting the absurdity of the human condition.  While man can celebrate his accomplishments and show his greatness, I think there are  times we need to show our silliness. Please enjoy.

Flamingos for fun


Hey, what can I say, my main medium is B&W and is my first love, but the world wants color so here is a concession to it.

Parable #9

Mechanicals & Botanicals