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Photo 40 - Professional Practices

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Picture Selection as a System

Spring 2018 - Section # 41216

      Your next image check will be Tuesday night 2/27.  This will be one week before the midterm portfolio is due.  So, you need to show me your 20 images you are considering and be ready shuffle images after we speak. Violinst
      Again this is not a voluntary meeting, but a mandatory meeting.
      I hope the critique time was helpful and you can apply the concepts we have spoken about to your own work.  That IS the goal after all.
      Project 2 will be due next Tuesday 2/20.  We will also have a speaker next week Craig Kohlruss.  Craig is a photographer with the Fresno Bee, but also an accomplished wedding, commercial and portrait photographer.  He has done some significant travel and basically is a jack of all trades.  I think you find what he has to say interesting. Again bring your question and ready to gain some insight.
     One think I forgot to mention last week is there is a Midterm Checklist available to you for preparation.  I think you’ll find it helpful. Also you need to make a PDF slideshow for your Midterm and I need to know if all of you know how to do that.  It is not hard in Lightroom.
      I will be talking about Project 3 just a bit on Tuesday night, but it won’t be assigned until next  week. Concentrate on your portfolio at this point.

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Photo 40 Syllabus Spring 2018


Photo 40 Spring 2018