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Johnny Trujillo

A legacy of denial

   That hot August day, Johnny was just filling a chair listening to some dude talk about God. He had no intention of accepting Christ.  He was at Hope Now for one purpose; to get a job. It was either that or a possible return to prison.  The only thing on his mind was getting work.
      Slowly, he realized something was changing. His past life was passing away as God had other plans for the man in the chair.
      A generational product of the gang culture and abuse; Johnny's older brother, father and grandfather were in the gangs. It seemed substance abuse was woven into the fabric of his family. Alcohol, meth, cocaine, heroin: were common place and the destruction they brought wrought havoc in a young life.
      Protection from other gangs came from his family heritage. 

Johnny T 1

 Gangbanging was a way of life.  His mother could not cope. Pursued by the demons of drugs she fled to the streets leaving Johnny and his sister to find a way out.  His grandparents supported them, but were unprepared for the task
      Recently, Johnny and his sister, (who is now a missionary)  helped get their mother into a faith-based program. For the first time Johnny and his Mom are "on the same page

His father and brother are still in prison.  The wedge between them is wide, but Johnny feels it's not impossible with God's help.
      Today he is a father of three, married to a supportive wife, working with Hope Now, always vigilant to help another soul who needs to, "just fill the chair".