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Carlos Gamez 3

Carlos Gamez

The wounded spirit

    Carlos Gamez was a monster. By his own admission he was released from prison and roamed the streets as a gang enforcer.  He was feared.
    A product of a broken home, fueled by abuse, violence was a way of life. To Carlos, at a young age, the tearful nights clutching his sister Liz was the only security he could find.  This pattern, along with further abuse by a step-father, produced a wound on Carlos' heart that would not heal.
     At some point Carlos started dressing, acting and talking  different. His anger released on everyone.  He was living on the razor's edge.
    Trouble followed him through school. In Junior High he was expelled. Gangs became his family. 
He was proud of the connection, confident in its ability to provide the security and stability he longed for. 

Update - Unfortunately Carlos, as of this writing,  has left the program and returned to the gang life.  Our prayers continue to be for him and  his family in the hopes that he will again seek God’s direction

   Every gang member in the valley knew his name. He was either feared or loved.   Wherever he went there was always trouble.
     Carlos found Christ in prison and was released from Soledad State Prison in  2010. He had plans, that didn't involve  God.  He had a lot of living to catch up on.
     However, God had plans for Carlos wounded heart. The stone wall he had constructed to keep out the pain, melted.

           Today he and his wife, who stuck with him all those years, have six beautiful children, and he shares the love of Christ everywhere they can.
    The world does not close in on him anymore. Life on the razor's edge has given way to the Sword of Christ's word