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The Wives

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The story behind the Transformation project

What is Hope now for Youth

   Hope Now For Youth is a Christian emergency rescue team for young men,  ages 16 to 24, who are gang members or have criminal records. Through  caring and helping relationships and employment, we aim to lift gang  members from the streets to a life of hope and success.
      We are motivated by our Lord Jesus Christ concern for the poor, the fatherless, and  those oppressed by violence.
      Through deed and word, we strive to present Jesus Christ as the hope for life and life eternal, Almighty God as the heavenly Father who cares far more than we do, and the Church as the  loving family which will never abandon you.
      Like our Lord, however, we  will not allow fulfillment of our spiritual hopes for these men to  become a condition of our help. To fall short of providing loving  encouragement and gainful employment for any young man who sincerely  desires our assistance in leaving the streets is to consign him to  prison or death. God helping us, we will not fail to always offer life.

Joey R

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    Nothing is as compelling as real life.  The men of these images, sharing their stories have lived very real, sometimes painful lives.  They were lied to, deceived, cheated and hurt more deeply than most us can imagine.
      Yet they are fighters. 
      Today they fight for their families. They fight the influence of a sinful past so it can not return on their children. They fight to rebuild the lives that once were lost. To restore the roots, that withered under the strain of street life that can sap the will out of the strongest person.  These men are a living transformation!
       In each man's story there is a moment of quiet reflection, where Christ, reached out and touched their wounded spirit. Wherever they were, jail, on the street or in a dirty restroom surrounded by drugs, Jesus found and touched their lives. To the best of our ability the subjects and myself re-created that moment in time where Jesus became real to them.
       In each portrait, if you look closely, you will see a small cross; A symbol of Christ finding them, breaking them down and bringing the radiance of the Holy Spirit into their darkened lives.
      Whatever these men were, today…..they are transformed.  The cross of Jesus prevails.

       Thom Halls, Feb. 2014



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Johnny T

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