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Joey Quiroz

That persistent reflection

   Joey always wanted more. There was always a reflection of a different man in the mirror than what he wanted to be. There was a battle going on.
      As a young boy living in Easton, 'growing up quick', he says, he knew there was something spiritual going on in his life. God was calling. 
    The first time Joey accepted Christ he was eight. Like many children, an adult asked if he wanted to accept Jesus and he did. But the roots of that acceptance were not watered and as Joey grew, he stayed in the church, but was not discipled.
    In Southern California, where his family moved, he met his future wife at a church youth group. Upon returning to Fresno, he lived on the tough streets of the west side and his lack of spiritual foundation gave way to the lure of the gangs.

Joey Quiroz_0013.

   Running with his "homies" in high school moved him away from God.  At this point, he was caught in the revolving door of gang life and  prison.   Battling between where he wanted to be and where his choices had led him.  He was lost and going nowhere.
     When paroled seven years ago he came to Hope Now, it was another chance.  He completed the program and the day after he graduated, he got a job.  What he found at Hope Now was the support he needed. It was

support that offered understanding for that battle inside.
   Today Joey is married to the girl he fell in love with at that youth group meeting. He is working, raising a family and volunteers at Hope Now helping others.
   Today he sees a new reflection in the mirror, one who tries to honor God in every way he can.