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Rio de los Santos Reyes

    This ongoing project's purpose is to document the Kings River in Central California showing not only the beauty and elegance of the riparian environment, but also illustrate man's influence upon it.
     Being described as “California’s truly pristine river", the 125 mile long Kings, with its three separate geographic divisions, watershed, recreation and agriculture, have separate cultures that engage and utilize the river in unique ways.  Though changed in many ways over the years, the private ownership of most of its shore has preserved the river in a unique way.
   From its beginnings among the massive granite cliffs of Kings Canyon National Park to the endless canals of California's west side, the river is a life line for this midsection of California.
    This is a documentary archive of what and who exists along the river today, and how this environment is changing. 
    If you have questions, want to contribute or be part of this project  please contact - info@thomhalls.com