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Soli Deo Gloria

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Visual Narrative Workshop - Engavagen, Norway, Summer 2016

For more on the festival visit the Traena Festival page.

  The Summer Workshop in Norway was an exciting experience.
   The first week participants were instructed in visual storytelling at the base high above the arctic circle.
   The second week we traveled to the remote island of Traena to be event photographers for the Traena Music Festival.
    Our team covered events for 3 solid days of all types of music. See the gallery on the Storytelling page for more on the Festival itself.
   What is remarkable about this area is you are visiting a place most tourists outside of Norway never see.  It is really unspoiled.
    Plans are being made for a possible 2017 workshop in conjunction with YWAM’s international.  For more info contact me at Info@thomhalls.com .