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Traena Music Festival 2016 - in the Land of the Midnight Sun

     Its been called one of the most remote festivals you can ever attend in the world.  The Traena Music Festival takes place each year in July on a tiny island in the middle of the Norwegian  Sea.
     This  archipelago  is sparsely populated and hard to get to. The only access is by boat or helicopter.
      For over 15 years the island has held this festival that has become known world-wide for spotting up and coming talent. 
So much so that one survey rated the Traena Festival

as  #1 in the world.
      One ticket price gives access to all concerts and events.  Concert goers camp outside of town and walk to the venues nearby. There are no hotels on the island
     On the third day of the festival, a concert is held on the nearby island of Sanna, where a selected musician gives a concert inside what is called the ‘Cathedral Cave’. 
    According to legend, this site is significant in Viking lore, as a starting point for the raiding conquests.  It’s a cool experience.