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The Harbor

All images and content copyright thom halls 2012

    In 1974 and 75 I worked on a project on local fishermen in and around the docks of Morro Bay, California. At that time I was a part-time photographer for the Morro Bay Sun-Bulletin and a student at nearby California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo.
    I used a portion of these images as my Senior Project for college. Upon graduation these 1,600 images went into storage and were not touched for many years.
   In 2007, as I went through all of my past negatives I found these and decided to resurrect the project in a book form.
   Out of that came my first book, ‘The Harbor’ , which was an attempt to draw a parallel between  these people’s lives and how they revolved around the Harbor.  A microcoisum of what we all face in life; a search for security.
     These images have been shown in  galleries and museums around California as an insight into a lifestyle and an industry that no longer exists.
     For information about displaying these images please contact Thom at info@thomhalls.com